How to Show Professionalism When Interviewing a Job Candidate

We rightfully expect a high degree of professionalism from job candidates. We scrutinize their clothing choices, demeanor, body language and their answers to the questions posed. However, it is just as important for the interviewer to conduct a highly professional interview. By doing so, you present your business in a positive light, give the candidate the best chance to shine and get the opportunity to find the best hire.

Show Interest

An interview is conducted to assess the suitability of a candidate for your company. Showing genuine interest in the candidate gives an interviewer the chance to dig into details, explore questions and concerns and demonstrate knowledge. Such interest is likely to put the candidate at ease and establish a friendly rapport with them. In turn, this makes the candidate less guarded and more open. It also shows the candidate that your company and people are smart, engaged and intelligent, all characteristics that a candidate can recognize in a top-end workplace.

Pick an Ideal Location

Picking the right location for an interview is also important. You should use an interview room so that the interview is conducted in private. Consider a conference-style room over a cubicle or office. Nothing will put a candidate off faster than the possibility of being overheard by unrelated people or random workers. A good location will be out of the way to avoid higher noise levels and prevent interruptions. Excessive foot traffic, people talking outside the room or commotion and bustle from areas such as a lunchroom may cause distractions that are off-putting to a candidate. This shows a lack of preparation and foresight on your part. The room itself should feel open, have comfortable seating, be well lit and come ready with notepads and writing utensils.

Extend Common Courtesy

There are many things you can do to show courtesy to your candidates. Ensure they are made well aware of the time and place as well as any quirks that may be associated with finding your space. Dress as you expect your candidates to be dressed; being overdressed or underdressed can make a candidate feel uncomfortable. Review the job description, the candidate’s information and resume and have your questions prepared and rehearsed. Greet candidates warmly and with the same firm handshake and eye contact you expect them to give. Ensure your phone is silent.

The most professional way to treat a candidate is to mirror the expectations you have of them. Being professional in a job interview sets the stage and allows you to have genuine interactions. It also ensures your company’s reputation as a desirable place to work.

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