3 Best Places to Visit in Maine

The most northeastern state in our country is known for its stunning shoreline, natural beauty, and magnificent and sometimes delicious wildlife. When you plan a visit to Maine, you’ll be sure to enjoy great food, picturesque lighthouses, and enjoy a trip you’ll never forget. While Maine is synonymous with both lobsters and an abundance of moose, the state also is the home of American author Stephen King and one of the claimed birthplaces of Paul Bunyan from American folklore. As you plan for your next vacation, here are three places to explore in Maine.


Portland is a seaside town located on the coastline of Casco Bay, which boasts fishing wharves, tasty restaurants, and trendy shops. Visitors to this town will have easy access to take a selfie at the Portland Head lighthouse, Peaks Island, and Fort Williams Park. You can stop for a bite or an evening of libations at any one of the bars in Old Port where you can chow down on a fresh lobster roll, or, according to Destination Hotels, indulge in a whoopie pie.


In folklore, Bangor is one of the alleged birthplaces of iconic lumberjack Paul Bunyan. The gigantic lumberjack was boasted to be nearly 30 feet tall and known not only for his feats of strength but also for his blue ox named Babe. A 31-foot-tall statue of Bunyan will be the first to welcome you to Bangor. According to Budget, the area is also known for incredible Federal-style mansions, Stephen King’s house, unique museums, and world-renowned outdoor activities.

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor is a small town that sits along the banks of Frenchman Bay. It’s the gateway to visiting Acadia National Park, one of our nation’s most visited national parks. Spend a night here as you explore the great outdoors hiking mountain pathways or observing wildlife. You can explore top destinations such as Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond or have a picnic on Sand Beach. Walking and biking paths follow the shoreline providing fantastic views no matter which direction you look.

Visiting Maine is a unique experience to complete any tour of New England and the American Northeast. Here, natural beauty takes center stage as you explore destinations such as Acadia National Park, or spend time hiking or biking on trails that follow the shoreline. Indulge in culinary creations such as lobster rolls, whoopie pies, poutine, and more. Most importantly, be ready to embark on a trip you’ll never forget.

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