5 Reasons Idaho Falls is the Best Place to Live

Americans are always trying to find the next best thing. Crowning a city to be named king as the best place to live in America is hard to come by. There are many measurements and factors that play into how any city is of the top caliber, but these are some reasons why Idaho Falls one of the best places to live in the US.

Job Growth

Idaho Falls has a very high growth in jobs. Eastern Idaho is continuously adding jobs in the fields of technology, health and real estate. With more jobs comes a better life for everyone in the city. New businesses are moving in to help expand the economy there.

The Great Outdoors

Within the vast west and land in Idaho, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep anyone busy and on the move. There are numerous trails, hikes and rivers to explore. Camping, skiing, fishing and so much to do outside. There are a few golf courses to take some time for afternoon of relaxation and fun too.

Low Crime Rates

As with any smaller city, crime is not nearly as high as the national average or with a larger city. This also helps with making Idaho Falls a better city to live in. According to ADT, the violent crime rate is lower than the national violent crime rate by over 40%, and it has even decreased more than 5% in just the past few years.

Home Ownership

More and more Americans, especially in the big cities, are growing up to be long-term renters rather than homeowners within the last few decades. Despite this trend, owning a home has more than a handful of pros and currently there is no better time to buy a home in Idaho Falls than right now. Plus, when you are satisfied with the place you live, you are more likely to stay there, and when you do, you are more likely to completely own the home you live in Paying off a mortgage for a house you fully intended to keep can be highly beneficial and even open up opportunities to refinance for better loan terms.

Raising a Family

With many strong attributes of Idaho Falls, this is a fantastic place to raise a family. Schools are good, crime is low, there are plenty of activities for everyone and it is a family-oriented kind of town.

Everything seems to point that Idaho Falls is not only great place to live, but to thrive. The American dream can be obtained and it can be anywhere. But if someone is looking for the ultimate American dream that they and their family can be happy on all fronts, it might be time to look no further than Idaho Falls. This is a town that should be awarded as best place to live now.

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