How to Resolve These 5 Pool Safety Concerns

Summer has arrived and with the arrival of warmer temperatures means more time spent cooling down by the swimming pool. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential dangers of swimming pools with this helpful guide on ‘How to Resolve These 5 Pool Safety Concerns’.

Chemical Imbalance

Invest in a chemical leveling kit or a trusted pool company to make sure that your pool stays free from chemical dangers or concerns. Make sure that your bromine distributor is functioning correctly and that chlorine levels remain at a safe level before going swimming. Chlorine burn can be a severe medical condition that can be easily avoided with simple precautions.

Choose a Safe Pool Fence

Prevent your child from getting into your pool while you are away or a stranger from accidentally accessing your pool with a sturdy pool fence that will ward of potential dangers. A pool fence can prevent children from swimming unsupervised. A child is at high risk of drowning without adult supervision, but this risk can be eliminated with the presence of a swimming in the pool

Don’t Leave Children Unattended

Adult supervision should always be required when your child is swimming in the pool. In fact, even as an adult, you should probably not swim alone. If you must swim alone, let someone else know that you will be swimming. In the event of a water-related incident, you want access to help as soon as possible, so have a phone nearby. Don’t leave yourself or your children in a vulnerable position by not having someone there to help.

Invest in Swimming Lessons

Accidents happen! If your child were to slip and accidentally fall into the pool, would they know what to do? Nowadays swimming lessons are available for children of all ages – even toddlers. This summer, consider putting your child in swimming lessons so that they can learn the basics of water safety and stay safe around your swimming pool.

Be Mindful of the Weather

While swimming in the rain is acceptable, the presence of thunder or lightning is always a sign to stop swimming. A thunderstorm is a serious concern. If you think that the weather is getting worse or you are concerned about the chance of lighting, quickly exit the pool. Do not enter the water again until you are sure that there is no chance of thunder or lightning. Electrical shock can be devastating and lead to potentially catastrophic injuries or death.


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