Trump Kicks Democrat’s Ossoff.Jon Ossoff Loses Georgia Special Election


Early results are following the last Trafalgar poll showing Handel set to beat Jon Ossoff by 2%. With over $40 million poured into a race that had nothing to do with local Georgia voter’s interests, Democrats sank everything into pushing their “resistance” agenda. Poor Ossoff, his over hyped campaign ends tonight in an epic failure of leadership by the Democratic party.

This is a resounding slap in the face of all the annoying hype and fake agendas pushed by the left in their manufactured referendum on President Trump.

Ossoff crying voters
Ossoff voters are experiencing election night 2016 all over again.


Ossoff was a flawed candidate from the start. Pandering to the anti-Trump resistance movement, he attempted a Bernie Sanders style fundraising campaign set to take money from the easily swindled. When the DNC took notice of his efforts the swarmed in, enlisting every celebrity they could muster from California and descended upon Atlanta area voters like a swarm of angry hornets. When Ossoff learned his anti-Trump message did not poll as well as planned he switched to a moderate message in the hope voters would not see through his desperate attempt at looking authentic.

Tonight’s win for Handel is a resounding win for President Trump and the GOP.

Armed with a mandate to push forward, this win along with the positive South Carolina results will help sway the fence-sitting Republican Senators who are looking to deal on the Obamacare repeal.

Tonight will be the biggest nail in the resistance coffin that has helped propel the fake Trump-Russia collusion story and distracted America from working on fixing the problems left by the previous administration.

Tonight Donald Trump and the GOP kicked Democrats Ossoff.

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