Trump Promises to Bring Back Law & Order

Trump Law & Order NBC show

NBC Law & Order May Come Back Under Trump’s Leadership

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump gave a long and rousing acceptance speech at the RNC last night in Cleveland. In the speech he rallied for bringing back Law & Order. Trump, an experienced television producer and personality is famous for his NBC reality show The Apprentice. 

Trump announced for a return of Law & Order and that he alone could bring it back. In his acceptance speech, Trump called himself the candidate of Law & Order leaving many to wonder if he might be campaigning for Sam Waterston’s old assistant district attorney role.

Law & Order first aired on NBC in 1990 and ran until 2010 and was the longest running television crime drama. An attempt to bring back the show surfaced last year when Sam Waterston was asked if he would be rejoining the cast. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “You’re darn right. Sure, I’d love it. Got to break the record.” Law & Order was so popular it led to multiple spin off shows like Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Trump has created a powerful movement across America. His celebrity status and wealth gives him the clout to finally make American television great again by bringing back this well loved crime show.

Sources close to NBC have not released any information about negotiations on the show. Questions on whether this will be the return of the original Law & Order or a new spin off show called Law & Order: PCU. 

With stories often ripped from the headlines, perhaps the pilot episode will feature a disgraced former Secretary of State getting arrested and charged with criminal espionage for her reckless handling of classified emails. A riveting trial exposing criminal conspiracies and cover ups could end the episode with with a once powerful democratic presidential candidate being led away to prison in handcuffs.

Trump recently sued NBC for $500 million for not airing his Miss Universe pageant. The case was settled and Trump moved on to win the republican nomination for president.

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