#DNCLeaks Prove Rigged Election Against Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders Voters are Outraged at DNC Political Corruption

Russian Hacker Guccifer 2.0 recently released thousands of emails from the DNC that could seriously hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. The hashtag #DNCLeaks is the top US trending topic as Bernie Sanders supporters are furious at what looks like a huge scandal. Here are a few of the best tweets about the DNC Leaked emails:


These emails are bad, and if you think it could not get any worse, the DNC CFO Brand Marshall pitch the idea of hurting the Sanders campaign by singling him out as an atheist.

Reddit has a huge thread with new reveals and insights into the DNC’s campaign against Bernie Sanders.

Just as the hashtag #DNCLeaks started gaining traction, it mysteriously disappeared from Twitter. 

While Trump has declared that he is the candidate of law and order, Clinton and the DNC stand firmly behind this anti-police BLM activist. Does the DNC really care about support law enforcement?

Many Bernie Supporters are now moving towards a Demexit.

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