Dr. Heimlich performs maneuver to save woman

Dr. Heimlich Maneuver

Dr. Henry Heimlich recently saved a woman’s life by performing a maneuver he is credited with inventing. The gesture performed by Dr. Heimlich helped dislodge some meat stuck in a fellow resident’s airway at his senior citizen’s center.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post,

Heimlich was sitting at a communal dining table at Cincinnati’s Deupree House, an upscale senior living center where he lives, and noticed fellow resident Patty Ris, 87, in distress while eating an open-faced hamburger.

He dashed out of his seat, put his arms around her and pressed on her abdomen below the rib cage, following his own instructions, which are displayed on posters required to be displayed in most restaurants in the United States, although some laws have been discontinued.

After three compressions, this piece of meat came out, and she just started breathing, her whole face changed,” Heimlich said in a video interview shared by Paley, vice president of marketing for Episcopal Retirement Services, which operates Deupree House.

“I sort of felt wonderful about it, just having saved that girl,” Heimlich said.

Dr. Heimlich of Cincinnati invented the life saving technique decades ago. Before his groundbreaking work, people often died from simple things like eating carrots while talking or attempting to swallow under chewed steak.

Many thought his helpful gesture was important, resulting in what is now known as the “Heimlich Maneuver.” Dr. Heimlich’s work has become the standard for saving lives from food related accidents.

Countless lives have been saved by the maneuver. The method of grabbing a choking victim from behind and applying heavy pressure to force air out of the body is effective in clearing obstructing  airways.

At 96, Dr. Heimlich should feel proud that he was able to apply his life’s work to save someone from a tragic accident.

Watch Eddie Izzard’s Heimlich Maneuver performed with Legos:

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