Alba’s Honest Company Targeted in Organic Baby Ingredient Lawsuit

Jessica Alba The Honest Company Lawsuit

The Honest Company Targeted in Organic Ingredients Claim

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is getting sued for product ingredient issues. The product targeted with legal action is the Organic Premium Formula for babies.

The latest lawsuit was filed by the nonprofit group Organic Consumers Association. The association filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that the Honest Company violates the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 and the California Organic Products Act of 2003 by claiming that its Premium Infant Formula is organic.

According the the story in the New York Post, the association claims that of the 40 ingredients in the company’s infant formula, “more than a quarter are synthetic substances that are not allowed in organic products.”

The list of substances includes: sodium selenite, described as “an extremely hazardous and toxic synthetic compound”; cholecalciferol, “an irradiated substance”; and calcium pantothenate, “produced from formaldehyde.”

A representative from the The Honest Company told Fortune that the product named in the suit, Organic Infant Formula, has already been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, and meets all safety and nutritional standards. “It is also certified USDA Organic by an independent third party, in strict accordance with the National Organic Program. We are confident this lawsuit will be dismissed,” the spokesperson said.

The Honest Company will probably find a way to resolve this misunderstanding quickly and continue making high quality products for families who care about their health and the environment.

The company was recently valued at over 1.7 billion dollars and sells numerous organic and natural earth friendly products. The company has come under fire recently for other products like their sunscreen and cleaning products.

Manufacturing organic and non toxic eco friendly products is not easy. Young companies like Alba’s Honest Company are learning the hard way that it takes years of research and testing to meet the rigorous demands of being a green company.

Companies like Procter & Gamble, maker of Tide and other personal care products focus on consumer goods the do not make the same claims to keep the prices low and sales high. Method products focus on clean design and fragrance while other brands like Melaleuca have 30 years experience making environmentally safe products. While going green is not cheap, it can be financially rewarding as both The Honest Company and Melaleuca have found over the years.

Consumers who purchase green products are discerning in their choice of home cleaners. They often research the ingredients used during the manufacturing process to ensure they are giving their families the highest quality and safest products. This multi-billion dollar industry has strict standards to ensure that consumers are not duped into buying more expensive items that do not meet the rigorous labeling requirements.

Honest Company Lawsuit by New York Post

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