Trump Hires Rick Wiley – Is Corey Lewandowski still campaign manager?

Rick Wiley Donald Trump Political Director campaign manager

Donald Trump Shakes Up Campaign Management

Donald Trump just hired Rick Wiley to become his national political director. This new hire follows the promotion of longtime GOP strategist Paul Manafort’s role in the campaign. Rick Wiley was Scott Walker’s former campaign manager and veteran GOP operative with deep party ties. Wiley’s establishment connections may help Trump rehabilitate his brand and possibly make a Trump nomination easier to swallow for establishment and right wing extremists that follow Ted Cruz.

Rick Wiley is a smart hire for Trump. He will move into a new Washington DC office where he will be able to interface with GOP leadership. His experience in party operations, delegate wrangling, and campaign management far exceed the current campaign manager’s skill set.

The Colorado delegate grab by Sen. Ted Cruz exposed a major weakness in the Trump campaign. Their lack of experience was evident as Cruz took home all of the delegates. This left the Trump campaign to rethink its delegate wrangling strategies. A loss in Wisconsin further complicated Trumps path to 1,237 as his petty attacks bolstered Cruz’s lead there.

Is Corey Lewandowski still Trump’s Campaign Manager?

The recent hires and campaign shifts have people wonder what exactly Corey Lewandowski is up to these days. Politico posted this article today:

Trump new campaign manager
Politico named Paul Manafort as Trump’s newly hired campaign manager.

Who exactly is running Donald Trump’s campaign? As of today, Corey Lewandowski’s Twitter shows that he is the current campaign manager. Did somebody forget to tell the big Lewandowski that he may have been demoted?

Is corey lewandowski trumps campaign manager
Corey Lewandowski lists in his Twitter profile that he is Trump’s campaign manager.

Politico reported on April 2nd, In early March, Lewandowski ceded authority over many hiring decisions to a lower-ranking staffer. In recent days, the campaign’s press office has been overruling his decisions about issuing credentials for campaign events. Going forward, Trump’s just-named convention manager, Paul Manafort, is expected to take a leading role not just in the selection of delegates, but also in the remaining primaries themselves, according to three people on or close to the campaign.

“I’m not saying Corey’s going to be fired or anything because I don’t think he’s going to be, at least not at this juncture,” said a person involved in Trump’s campaign. “But Mr. Trump’s listening to other people now. The crew’s expanding. The inner circle is not what it used to be.”

Corey Lewandowski has an interesting CV. He was a former New Hampshire state marine patrol officer trainee where he was responsible for teaching boater safety and checking boat registrations. He helped run the failed reelection campaign of a New Hampshire senate race and worked at the anti-establishment Americans for Prosperity. He has a background in public relations and was a registered lobbyist.

Mr. Lewandowski does not have the same experience running a national campaign that the new hires seem to have. This shake up in campaign management may be in response to numerous complaints about his brash leadership style and limiting of access to the candidate. Many have reportedly suggested that Corey would not stand up to his boss which may have lead to the numerous campaign mistakes in the past few weeks.

Rick Wiley may just be what the Trump campaign needs right now. Trump has not hired the best people as he has suggested so far, and these staff changes might signal a stronger Trump challenge against Sen. Ted Cruz.

UPDATE:4/13 -8:03PM – Trump campaign says that Corey Lewandowski will not be charged in incident with Michelle Fields.

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