Rubio as Trump’s Running Mate? Marco Would Be Wise To Say “Never”

Donald Trump picks Marco Rubio for VP running mate

Donald Trump May Pick Marco Rubio as Running Mate

Donald Trump signaled today that he would consider Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate. Running with Donald Trump may be dangerous and lead to political suicide. Trump, desperate for delegates after his disastrous Colorado mess, would love to sway Rubio’s 171 delegates.

Trump said in an interview with USA Today“Yes. I like Marco Rubio. Yeah. I could,” Trump tells Powers, when asked if he could see himself appointing Rubio to a position in his cabinet. “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names…. I do like Marco. I do like [John] Kasich…. I like [Scott] Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard…. But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.” 

Marco Rubio is a Smart VP Choice

If Donald Trump won the magical 1,237 delegates to win the nomination outright, he will need to unite the Republican party. What better way to gain the favor of reasonable Republicans who wanted common sense than to pick Marco Rubio as his running mate. Choosing a Vice President with the highest favorability ratings and whose youthful appearance also appeals to an expanded electorate may be a wise move. Trump has proven to be an unconventional candidate has signaled that he may choose Rubio in previous interviews. Trump told Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto back in February, “I would think that because of the fact that while I’m very political –  I’m not a politician – I would want to choose a politician,”  – as his running mate.

Trump might think that he needs an establishment lane running mate to appease the party elders and gain support across the GOP. With his obvious lack of political experience, choosing a Senator from a swing state like Florida may fill in the growing voter deficit against Hillary Clinton. Selecting Rubio may also help his chances with hispanic voters who favor his cuban roots over Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. On paper, choosing Marco Rubio as Trump’s Vice President pick is a smart move.

Will Picking Rubio Sway #NeverTrump Voters?

However logical a Rubio pick may be, Rubio supporters will probably take issue with this. Many republicans have taken a hardline stance against the egotistical candidate, angry that he may give them another four years of progressive oppression under Hillary Clinton. Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, his lack of political experience, and limited support have torn the party apart. With a convention civil war looming, #NeverTrump supporters are gearing for a battle. The chances of swaying these voters towards Trump is slim at best.

Would Marco Rubio Join a Donald Trump Ticket?

Marco Rubio is not running for senate re-election and will be a political outsider next year. He went all in during this primary campaign with high hopes of winning the nomination. He was outmaneuvered by Ted Cruz’s attacks, framing him as not being aligned with the extreme right wing agenda. This may be one of the reasons Marco Rubio did not endorse Sen. Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump attacked Rubio at a critical point with small offenses, attacks that could be easily reconciled. Rubio lost Florida to Trump due to Cruz’s risky political moves rather than Trump’s annoying accusations. If Rubio wants to stay in politics over the next four years, aligning himself with Trump might make sense, or it could be political suicide. Running with Trump could end in the death of his chances at running again in 2020.

If Trump won the nomination and then lost to Hillary Clinton, Rubio’s career would take a strange turn. He could leverage his household brand name into a Fox News show like Mike Huckabee or end up with a job offer to be a professor at Trump University. Sarah Palin used her VP candidate status to land reality TV jobs, netting her millions in the process. Rubio is smart, practical professional and may walk away from this stronger and more successful.

Whatever happens, Rubio would be the best pick for Donald Trump should he win the nomination.

Trump would be the worst pick for Marco Rubio as his personal brand transcends the insanity that is destroying the Republican Party.

Marco Rubio still has a shot at the nomination if Ted Cruz and John Kasich are successful in bringing the election to a contested convention in Cleveland. The party can not afford to lose its best candidate and only hope for winning the presidency in November.

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