Donald Trump’s Great Wall of Mexico – Made in America by Mexicans

Trump Great Wall of Mexico

Donald Trump wants to build The Great Wall of Mexico.

Trump exploded into the GOP primary race with his bold plan to tackle illegal immigration by building a “big, beautiful wall” on America’s border with Mexico. He accused Mexico of sending rapists and murderers across the border to steal American’s jobs and ruin the economy.  His bold plan was bolstered by his insistence that Mexico would pay for his great wall. These statements sparked accusations of racism against Trump by democrats. Building the wall became Trump’s rallying cry that ignited the passion and fears of an angry electorate.

To understand Trump’s mindset, look east to China and their Great Wall. The northern states in China built a wall to protect themselves from nomadic warring tribes. As their empire expanded, the wall grew and local armies were trained to defend it. The wall eventually helped unify the country leading to creation of the powerful Chinese authoritarian state.

Trump wants Mexico to pay for the wall

Illegal aliens or politically correct “undocumented immigrants” come across the Mexican border with America to get jobs to send money back to their families back in Mexico. There is an estimated $24 Billion dollars being sent to Mexico from the United States through millions of private remittance transfers. These small monetary transactions feed the Mexican economy as families of the workers rely on this money for supportive income.

Donald Trump suggested that he would place a hold on these remittance payments to Mexico until their government paid for the construction of his great wall. In an effort to recover from his stumbles over the week before the Wisconsin GOP primary election, he rallied supporters with this idea. Reuters reported the following:

The Trump plan detailed on Tuesday cited $24 billion a year in remittances to Mexico from its citizens in the United States, most of whom the campaign said were there illegally. It proposed modifying a financial provision of an anti-terrorism law to require immigrants to prove they are in the United States legally before they can wire money outside the country.

Asked about Trump’s remittances plan, Democratic President Barack Obama called it unworkable. “The notion that we are going to track every bit of money … sent to Mexico. Good luck with that,” Obama said at a White House press briefing.

“This is just one more example of something that is not thought through and is primarily put forward for political consumption.”

The threat of withholding billions in remittance payments could cause turmoil in Mexico and it’s government would need to respond to quell the potential protests. States like California have raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour, making this border state an attractive place to migrate. This wage increase would allow the flow of additional money to families back in Mexico, fueling the withholding debate.

Who will build The Great Wall of Mexico?

Trump has said in many of the GOP debates how he gives money to everyone to gain influence and get things done. In the 1980’s Trump donated to about $150,000 to local candidates in in New York, equivalent to over $330,000 in today’s money. His New York monetary ties also linked to mob infiltrated construction companies. The Washington Post reported:

As he fed the political machine, he also had to work with unions and companies known to be controlled by New York’s ruling mafia families, which had infiltrated the construction industry, according to court records, federal task force reports and newspaper accounts. No serious presidential candidate has ever had Trump’s depth of documented business relationships with mob-controlled entities.

The companies included S&A Concrete , which supplied building material to the Trump Plaza on Manhattan’s East Side, court records show. S&A was owned by Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, and Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino family. The men required that major multimillion-dollar construction projects obtain concrete through S&A at inflated prices, according to a federal indictment of Salerno and others.

Using organized crime for construction projects may be a very 80’s thing to do. Trump is an icon of the 1980’s and may stick to what he knows to work for him.

Sen. Marco Rubio called Trump out for his hypocritical stance on illegal immigration by pointing out that Trump Towers were built by illegal workers. He said: “You’re the only person on this stage that’s ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally” and then said,  “If he builds the wall the way he built Trump Towers, he’ll be using illegal immigrant labour to do it..”  Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants may be right in his assessment of Trump.

If Trump hires Mexican workers to build his great wall, will he hire the “best people”? He has accused Mexico of not sending their best people, so who does expect to hire? Many wonder if Trump will screen for rapists and murders to ensure the wall is built by honest and lawful contractors. Trump has a history of using H1-B visas to employ workers from foreign countries. He may use these visas to bring in construction workers from Mexico to pour the concrete and weld the steel needed for his wall.

Trump has years of experience running businesses, some succeeded while others have failed. Regardless of what people think of Trump, he has been effective in building his real estate empire and launching hundreds of companies and projects around the world. Many have reported having a good experience working for Trump while others have sued companies involved in his empire for excessive motivation techniques. A sales representative who sold Trump University training packages, sued his employer over an incident involving possible torture. He claimed that his supervisor used waterboarding as motivation to enroll more students in the fake university. Will workers, afraid of being deported be waterboarded as as motivation to work harder? Trump has said he wants to bring back waterboarding, or worse.

If Donald Trump is elected, America may just have to trust him to run the country. His promises and rhetoric has spread across America like a virus, attracting many supporters who have demonstrated their anger through actions and occasional violence. The rise of Trump’s empire and attempt to unite conservative tribes may be history repeating itself and result in the building of The Great Wall of Mexico.

Voters go to the polls in Wisconsin today to decide if they want the Great Wall of Mexico or a more rational Republican party.


  • mbat

    I Cant help it, yeah I am still laughing, if there comes a great wall of Mexico I spect a mote is soon to follow, so get the body bags ready, The mexican mote, will end up with more dead bodies, than the Mediterranean. And Panama eat your heart out! And Canada – Your next!!! IF this guy is for real. I seriously have to start working on a scheme to stowaway on Elon Musks – Mars transport ships, and now! We don’t have these in Australia. errrr. OH god I will do anything to escape “terra trump”. I kid you not! if you could see the look of sheer desperation mixed with absolute laughter on my face right now, I have no doubt, in your or my mind, that you would lobby elon musk immediatley, to send me on musky’s mission to mars. trumps militarised Mexican mote, is the straw that will break this little camels back. And no! being on the opposite side of the pacific ocean is definetly not far enough away, and neither is Antarctica. Albeit just south of here. Has trump got a thing for walls, Maybe he has some romantic image of the Berlin wall. He does like PUTIN. hmmm. trumps trillion dollar titanic. Nero did burn Rome. trump needs to seriously stop watching the science fiction show pacific rim. or maybe the show colony on TV has tickled his fancy, all have great walls. look trump will you just walk the length of the great wall of china and be done with it and if your lucky you just may get over it, Wall building that is. Anyway life is about deconstructing walls between peoples not erecting them. Will something put him back in the middle ages, he’s in the wrong century and I spect the wrong millenium, a true anachronism. Mexico will no doubt take a thousand years to build the wall, not including siestas. And will also have created the greatest tunnel schemes of all time, probably well before the wall has been finished, especially with their new found construction skills. What is a genuine solution – someone, anyone wrap the terrorised trump in cotton wool and give him a security blanket for gods sake.

  • mbat

    Im an Aussie, and yes I know, you can hear my booming laughter all the way from Aus, and No I can’t stop. Over here I don’t know if we are on the wrong side of trumps great wall or not. I spect we are! after this rant anyway. And I am deeply sorry for all fellow Australian’s for getting us nuked, If Clinton looses in November. Although, it looks like Newcastle already has been nuked over here. We are your Detroit with New Orleans thrown in every seven years, so we may as well do a Hiroshima as well for good measure. trumps equivelant over here would love it. Over here we refer to it as trumps trillion dollar titanic, and Mexicans are going down! Mexico’s self imposed Alamo eh. Wouldn’t it be just easier for trump to throw every Mexican male, female, kids, and all, into buckets of concrete to slow em down, maybe, hmmm. (sarcasm) More humane you say! Can someone tell capitalist trump, it would be cheaper than building a wall 2800 kilometres, 1800 miles roundabouts, of concrete 20 feet high and 20 feet under. And I can see the Mexicans going down the rabbit hole, or catapulting over, with sheets as parachutes once over, to slow the descent. Seriously, this wall if in Australia would go from Cairns to Sydney. I didn’t know Mexico had a spare trillion dollars, and I didn’t know the drug lords were so eager to cut a deal to build it, nor did I know they had that much concrete in Mexico, Ahhh so team trump wants “them” and not “US” to buy US concrete, Oh you, cunning capitalists, very clever! If you cant go back to the moon – bring the moon to the US, concrete craters everywhere, hmmm, We in Newcastle and the upper hunter valley have already thought of this! He, he, he, And that’s why we don’t have a space policy in Australia, we created our own personal moonscape with voids and craters! (check it out on google earth a hundred miles west of Newcastle, N.S.W. you cant miss it.) Absolutely no jealousy, thank you very much! It wont be tolerated at all. Yeah!!! “concrete is the solution”, lets all get paranoid, and surround ourselves in concrete so we can keep all those other pesky rascals at bay. And yes this must be the holy grail for the entire human race. And no, it wont cost an arm or a leg so the concrete companies mantra goes, I wonder if Boral is over there and does tony abbott have shares? better yet, does trump have shares in,the concrete game? AND may I ask who is stupid enough these days to trust politicians with anything with a hint of paranoia in it.

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