The Conventional Wisdom of Marco Rubio

marco rubio convention wisdom

Marco Rubio has been quietly calculating his comeback. The Florida Senator has made strategic moves to protect his hard earned delegates.

Rubio was an early favorite of moderate republicans who chose not to cave into conservative extremism. Feared by Democrats and his rivals, Sen. Rubio was attacked by his less electable opponents. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz spent millions attacking him, challenging him on his “conservative credentials”. They pushed a race to the extreme right as voters were bombarded with uncompromising attack ads.

The 44-year-old Florida Senator was arguably the winner of most of the debates. His skillfully answered questions on foreign policy and immigration demonstrated common sense. The stress of taking fire and an allegedly coordinated assault by Trump’s good friend Chris Christie aided in his New Hampshire debate stumble.

Florida became Marco’s last stand. As Rubio climbed in the polls to close the gap with Trump, Cruz opened campaign offices across the state, pushing a losing campaign to deny Rubio the win. This bold tactic successfully siphoned enough votes away to force an end to Marco Rubio’s campaign.

Since his Florida loss, Sen. Rubio has been mostly silent. His behind the scenes maneuvering has caused speculation as to what his next move will be. Protecting his delegates from falling into Trump’s tiny hands signaled his intention to stay in the fight.

He sent this letter to party organizations in states where he won delegates to keep them bound to his campaign.

“I write this letter to inform you that the decision to suspend my campaign for President of the Untied States is not intended to release any National Convention Delegates bound to me as a result of the 2016 delegation selection process that took place in your State. It is my desire at this time that the delegates allocated to me by your rules remain bound to vote for me on at least the first nominating ballot at the National Convention.”

marco rubio delegate letter
Rubio’s letter to Alaska Republican Party Chairman

Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. John Kasich, and Gov. Mitt Romney have all had a hand in crafting a brokered convention strategy to prevent Donald Trump from destroying the GOP. Polls currently show Trump losing to Hillary by 10+ points.  If they are successful, a Rubio could emerge as the eventual nominee.

A group of loyal Rubio supporters has launched a grassroots campaign to get him to unsuspend his campaign. The site is asking people to sign a petition to bring back Marco Rubio. In their eyes, he is America’s best hope against Hillary Clinton.


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  • Maria

    Of the 17 on that debate stage, it was obvious who should have been the last man standing – Marco Rubio! I still shake my head every day, especially when I see Trump leading. What did the people of this country not see in this young, attractive, policy smart, eloquent and well-spoken young man who would have united this country? God must have a reason, but I pray for Marco to be the nominee at the convention.

  • Kim

    Rubio is our nations only hope. I pray for him every day . I’ve joined as many groups as I know how in order to support him. I’m not an expert in politics, but I’m intelligent enough to know that Marco is the best candidate and can really make a difference in this world.

  • Gail Fernandez

    Yes, the race really took a dive when Rubio left! From the start he has always been the only one that articulated a clear vision forward for America and for conservatism! So many of us miss him and just can’t accept his ill fated exit from the race. Praying for a ground swell of delegate support by those who become uncommitted. However, if this goes to a second ballot, God only knows the mayhem that will ensue which would risk a Trump nomination/or walk out! I think Rubio understands that too and wouldn’t want to risk greater party disunity at his expense but a VP deal with Cruz could be a solution on the first ballot to shut out Trump! Trump’s friend Roger Stone even threatens to give out hotel room numbers of delegates! Things could get really nasty which is why we all must pray and look to God’s will to be done. Even though God has used Trump’s brutishness to test & reveal the hearts of many evangelicals, I don’t believe Trump has been ordained of God for POTUS. It just doesn’t come in line with scripture regarding righteous rulers. Nobody is perfect but Rubio would have come the closest. However, if we will pray now, He will intervene and bring about His will in such a way that everything will turn out alright. He wants us to look to Him and not to men to fix this!

  • Faith Jones

    I have always been a #MarcoRubio supporter and as I watch, from Indiana, I have less hope with these remaining candiothat we could win the Presidency, keep the house and the senate and save the Supreme Court! Please get Marco on the 1st Ballot!! By the Grace of God come thee.

  • For all Rubio supporters who would like to be involved in working toward his return at the GOP convention, there are websites and Facebook groups that exist to that end.;; Prayers for Marco (closed fb group); Marco Rubio for President 2020 (closed fb group); and Team Marco Rubio fb groups from various states. Join up!

  • Avid supporter, working on getting him back in the race and the nomination


    I would like to see Marco Rubio come back into the Presidential race.

  • Ang

    So, so many people hoping and praying!

  • Marla

    Avid supporter. Still hoping.

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