New small IPhone is just right for Trump’s tiny hands


Small Trump IPhone
IPhone SE – small enough for Trump’s hands.

Apple just made a phone small enough for Donald Trump. Apple just announced a new 4 inch IPhone SE, designed for smaller hands and lighter wallets.  Apple, always on top of customer demand, listened to it’s loyal audience and made a smaller phone that has practical applications and an eye towards significant global growth. While some say this product launch was met with mixed reviews, somewhere out there Donald Trump may be smiling, wondering if the secret service will let him to use a secure one of these as his presidential phone.

Apple announced the new IPhone SE, it’s fastest small phone yet.  The phone is an improvement on the IPhone 5S with a 4 inch display and better hardware. It’s design includes the following improvements:

  • A9 Processor and M9 co-processor give it 6s level speeds
  • Improved wifi – AC wifi and improved LTE speeds
  • 50% faster speeds than iPhone 5s
  • 16 GB version
  • Price ranges from $399 to $500 based on memory size
  • The 16GB version will be free with 2-year contract on most carriers

The IPhone SE will be on sale in markets worldwide by May of this year. This smaller and cheaper phone option is a play for emerging markets looking for Apple quality products at Android prices. As Apple seeks to grow, these less expensive products which recycle existing design and parts may be a smart way to sell more of its products around the world. This allows Apple to continue to design and manufacture premium products for high end markets and offer a lower end product to satisfy demand for the sub -$400 price range.


The smaller 4 inch IPhone SE is perfect for those who like using a single hand to operate a smart phone. Texting and browsing can be done via single thumb actions freeing the user to multi-task with the other hand. The convenience of this form factor is a refreshing departure from the trend towards phone / tablet hybrid size devices. Too large for practical phone use and too small to be a working tablet.

Apple also announced a 9.7 inch IPad pro that is packed with new features and power rivaling it’s bigger 12 inch sibling.

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