10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Love

The kitchen is one of the main focal points of the house. Everyone gathers there for snacks, preparing meals, and good conversation. Redoing the kitchen can change the whole look of the house, and kitchen redesign ideas are bolder than ever. 2018 is continuing the industrial and minimalist looks of the previous years, but with a touch of color and coziness. Interesting textures and contrasting colors are everything, and people will likely personalize their kitchens while keeping trendy. The most important thing is to choose a design that displays the homeowner’s personality. Here are some of the top trending kitchen designs of 2018:

Vibrant Colors

It has been the trend for a few years now to have a neutral kitchen with pops of bright color, maybe on an accent wall or an island. This trend continues to keep a foothold. However, another new color scheme is to make multiple vibrant colors clash in the kitchen. One of the most popular colors this year is blue, whether it is navy, cobalt, or cornflower. Blue is a versatile kitchen color that can be paired exquisitely with butter yellow, white, or even other shades of blue. If you already have fixtures, countertops, and appliances that fit in with what you want to accomplish, putting on fresh coats of vibrant paint is an inexpensive way to completely change the kitchen.

Pastel Palettes

If you aren’t a fan of the vibrant colors, pastels are a great way for homeowners to pop a lot of color into their kitchen without committing to bright, bold ones they may not be so keen about. Pastel walls and islands pair wonderfully with wood finishes and other warm tones. They also go great with gray which is a very popular color right now for fixtures and finishes. Pastels can be used just like bold colors in that they can be paired with contrasting or matching shades. Also, it is similarly an inexpensive way to change the look of the kitchen; a few coats of paint cost very little in terms of renovation. Popular pastel colors right now include the blues, yellows, pinks, and greens.

Multipurpose Islands

Not every kitchen has room for an island but more homeowners are knocking out walls for open kitchen concepts that connect with living rooms and other social spaces. This has allowed for more islands to be installed and some large kitchens even have two. Islands were originally meant to extend counter space for food preparation, but modern islands have more than one function. Chairs can be added around the edge to create a breakfast bar or an alternative dining area. For kitchens with overflowing cabinets, shelves and cubbies can be built into islands for additional storage. Some choose to store rarely used pots and pans in the island, and others still have open-faced storage to display fine wines. The possibilities are truly endless!

Smart Kitchens

Kitchens have evolved just as much as the technology that’s currently filling them. Many homeowners are springing for these smart kitchens that contain a wide array of products. There are taps that spout instant boiling water, steam ovens, vacuum drawers, and water filters that make cooking faster and more streamlined. Many appliances now come with a wifi connection that can be controlled remotely with smartphones and other devices. A homeowner can preheat the oven on the drive home from work for example. Some refrigerators even come with televisions built in. There are also options to change the music or lighting by the sounds of their voice. Those homeowners who are short on time and want their cooking experience to be as streamlined and optimized as possible wouldn’t go wrong installing smart devices in their kitchens.

Heavy Stones, Marble, and Concrete

Countertops are often a decision that homeowners agonize over when redoing a kitchen. The finish of a countertop needs to flow with the rest of the kitchen design, too. Some of the most popular finishes are stone, marble, and concrete. These finishes are heavy duty and can look great in elegant, industrial, minimalist, and many other kitchen styles. For those who can’t afford real stone and marble, there are faux options available for a fraction of the price, and concrete is an inexpensive option as well that adds a lot of character and texture. These countertops are not only beautiful, but they are durable. Since they are more natural, they work well with wood finishes and neutral colors but also work in sleek stainless steel kitchens. For example, stone countertops with wood floors are a gorgeous combination with some dark cabinets. Be creative and find a combination that works for you!

Natural Timber

Natural warm wood finishes are gaining major momentum in modern kitchens. Some people even use unfinished woods for accent pieces like exposed shelving. Some materials-conscious folks are even using wood veneer to get the look without spending the money and resources. Stained and unfinished woods go with almost everything, from stainless steel and sleek stonework to brightly-colored walls and warm lighting. It can be a great accent in any design scheme that you choose to go with. The best part is that wood can be used in almost any part of the kitchen; the cabinets, chairs, walls, and even the island. Wood floors are a plus in the kitchen for a lot of designs, but they can tie into the rest of the timber too if you choose to go this way. Just be careful not to overdo the wood, as it can easily become overwhelming and bland.

Heavy Metal Industrial

Industrial and minimalist styles have gained serious steam in the last few years and show no sign of stopping. Homeowners have raved for stainless steel appliances and fixtures which are still trending. Another great thing people are doing with metals these days in kitchens is mixing them up; not everything has to match anymore. People are mixing metals in their kitchens for eye-catching effects. Brass is gaining significant momentum, and many homeowners are choosing it for fixtures to draw some major attention. Copper, silver, brass, steel, and even iron are being mixed and matched all over the kitchen to stupendous effect. Even some appliances and sinks are being sold in copper and other finishes. Cabinet and drawer handles are also a great way to incorporate mixed metals in the kitchen. Mixed metals combined with pipes, beams, and dark neutrals can make the perfect industrial look. The key is to think outside the box and explore.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is becoming a huge trend in modern kitchens. Instead of stuffing pots, pans, and jugs in cabinets and hiding them away, people are choosing to display their best dishes and utensils on the wall for everyone to see. Open shelving works great in homey country kitchens, shabby chic, and industrial kitchens as well. They can be made of just about anything; metals, finished and unfinished wood, etc. They also look amazing on boldly colored accent walls. Another benefit of installing these shelves is that they are vastly less expensive than new cabinets and your cookware is much more accessible. Be careful though. Certain things like coffee beans you’ll want to keep away from direct sunlight, and keep carefully protected or you’ll spoil the beans. You should be aware of the unique needs of all your food, and dishes before you move on to open shelving.

Neutrals and Golds

A design combination that is really starting to trend this year is warm neutral colors, woods, and gold finishes. The look has a slight seventies flare but be careful to keep it from going too retro. Warm wood tones and yellow lighting contribute to the cozy yet elegant feel to these kitchens. The gold can be shiny or matte and applied to fixtures, lighting, and countertop items like bread boxes. Unfinished wood countertops go wonderfully in these kitchens and are fairly inexpensive as far as countertops are concerned.

Bright White

Predominantly white kitchens have been a hot trend for years with different flares and styles. Shabby chic is still an incredible design and looks great with mixed metal appliances and fixtures. Glossy white cabinetry and countertops look great with stainless steel and are sleek and modern. White kitchens are often the first choice for beach houses and small cottage kitchens. Painting the walls white in and of itself gives the illusion of a bigger room, so those with small kitchens may do well to choose a lighter-colored kitchen. White also goes well with brightly-colored accent walls and islands. White kitchens are like a home base and can be steered in any other design direction with a little imagination!


Whether you choose to go the minimal or completely cozy look, a spruced up kitchen is just the ticket for freshening a home. It can be the beginning of a home renovation campaign and boost the value of a house if you are looking to sell soon. That said, you should be careful about not over-rehabbing your property if you are planning to sell after renovations. But if you’re planning to stay, the key is to choose a design that works great with the rest of the house and matches the personality of the homeowner. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen and should be comfortable and at ease there.


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